Pinebrush – Cambra Loop – Medium


Pinebrush – Cambra Loop – Medium

Rating: Medium

Ride with GPS:



To start ride north down Dowling Street and across the Railway line.

Following the map:

  1. After crossing the Coorei Bridge turn right into Alison Rd.
  2. Stay on Alison Rd past Marshdale Rd until-
  3. Third turn left into Pinebrush Rd
  4. Turn left into Glen Martin Rd. (2.5km climbing 180m)
  5. Turn left into Black Camp Rd.
  6. Continue past Raglan Rd. – 16kms back to Dungog.
  7. At property No.565 “Cambra” turn left towards Dungog.
  8. At Flat Tops follow sealed road down a fun 3kms downhill; be careful of the occasional wallaby.
    8a. Before leaving Flat Tops you may make an excursion north along Germons Rd to see Dungog in the distance
  9. Turn right back onto Alison Rd and follow back to Dungog.
Pinebrush Loop