Mountaineer Loop


Mountaineer Loop

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A strenuous 42km ride on bush tracks around the upper Telegherry River. This ride involves 1,500m of ascents and descents over rough tracks. Suitable for fit and experienced riders.

Mountaineer is one of the rides from the Jerusalem Creek carpark 20 kms north of Dungog.

The National Parks have constructed a toilet and water tank at the car park.

The Jerusalem Falls walk is worth a look. It is a wonderful example of the World Heritage Gondwana forest. Keep an eye out for the shiny, black Land Mullet, a harmless skink and the largest in Australia. At the carpark you can view Coachwood ( collected from this area and used in the Opera House), Tallow wood and Turpintine trees.

NOTE: The State Forests are logged irregularly. So be careful to stay on the main track and don’t be tempted to follow a fresh logging track. They usually lead to dead end, but could mean a bit of extra climbing to get back onto the forest road.


  1. Ride up out of Jerusalem Creek and turn left onto Wangat Rd, and after about 100m:
  2. Turn right into Middle Ridge Rd. Enjoy a fast down hill to Telegherry Forest Park and follow the road over the hill towards Frying Pan Forest Park.
  3. Then continue on Middle Ridge rd by taking the left fork at the Frying Pan Rd Intersection. Follow Middle Ridge Rd up and up (it is a long, challenging climb) past
  4. Kanungra Rd, Dixie Tops Lookout (with its lovely view of the Monkerai ‘valley) and
  5. Karuah River Rd until at the very top of Middle Ridge Rd changes into Wangat Rd. Look for a sign pointing up the hill to the Mountaineer campsite (1000m asl). Just past the Mountaineer sign look for
  6. some remnant Antartic Beech trees on the left. These trees are left over from Gondwana, when Australia was joined with Antartica in one of the 2 super continents that made up the Earth of Millions of years ago. Wangat Rd winds through State forests on the left and World Heritage National Park on the right.
  7. About 3kms down Wangat Rd on your left is Dundungra Falls. It is worth the short walk. Wangat Rd has some fast down hill (remember to keep left and watch out for log trucks and 4wds).
  8. You are just about finished when you pass Middle Ridge Rd. Look for Jerusalem Creek car park about 100m on the right.
Mountaineer Loop